Friday Night Vids :: Caribou + Liars + The Sky Drops + BOAT

I have had “Odessa” by Caribou stuck in my head for the past few weeks. Now, let’s see if these visuals get stuck in my head as well. Can’t wait for this album (expectations are high).

Streamable: Odessa (p4k) by Caribou

Downloadable: Odessa (mp3)

Speaking of highly anticipated albums, here is the first video from LiarsSisterworld.

Streamable: Scissor (vimeo) by Liars

Downloadable: Scissor (mp3)

And, here is a video from Delaware’s premier neoshoegaze outfit, The Sky Drops

Streamable: Long Way (youtube) by The Sky Drops

BOAT‘s sessions from Oregon Public Broadcasting are up, but unfortunately they are not embeddable. They look something like this:


Click on the link below to watch them.

Streamable: BOAT’s OPB Sessions (opbmusic link)
Downloadable: Lately (mp3)

This has been another…
Friday Night Vids

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