Friday Night Vids :: Spoon + Archie Bronson Outfit + The Soft Pack + Strange Boys + Eluvium

This is still my fav track from the new Spoon album, Transference. The band keeps it classy in black and white.

Streamable: Written In Reverse (p4k) by Spoon

Downloadable: Written In Reverse (mp3)

If this vid is any indication, I can’t wait to see all the videos that will accompany Coconut. Preorder it.

Streamable: Shark’s Tooth (youtube) by Archie Bronson Outfit

Downloadable: Shark’s Tooth (mp3)
props to stereogum

What’s with the shots of screaming 60’s-style youth in this video? I’m not quite sure, but I dig the look and feel of this vid.

Streamable: C’mon (youtube) by The Soft Pack

Downloadable: C’mon (mp3)

The Strange Boys appear to be continuing the so-called flowerpunk revolution… now featuring the sax playing of former Mika Miko member Jenna E. Thornhill deWitt.

Streamable: Be Brave (youtube) by The Strange Boys

Downloadable: Be Brave (mp3)

All the ambientheads are psyched for the Eluvium album which drops on Feb 23rd. Preorder it.

Streamable: The Motion Makes Me Last (youtube) by Eluvium

Downloadable: The Motion Makes Me Last (mp3)

This has been another…
Friday Night Vids

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