soundcloud :: Winter Electronics 2010 Mix

Here is a mix of some electronics to help you get through the rest of Winter.

Listen: Winter Electronics 2010 Mix (soundcloud)

You can grab the mp3 of the continuous mix from the download button on the widget or by following the link above.

1. Real Life (mp3) by Tanlines
The new Tanlines EP, Settings comes out on March 9th. Preorder it @ Matador.

2. Everything Will Be Alright (mp3) by Golden Ages
You can buy Tradition on Lala.

3. Me Thing Drawing Me (mp3) by Javelin
MPC/boombox collage artists Javelin mix up a bunch of thrift-store cassettes for this one. Watch them construct the track… here. You can get the digital of their new long player, NO MAS @ Luka Bop. Stream the whole thing… here.

4. Napping Captain (Dark Party Remix) (mp3) by Jogger
Dark Party strip the vocals to make this track awesome. You can download another Dark Party mp3 on the Ghostly Swim compilation @ Adult Swim. Get more Jogger @ their big cartel store.

5. Hide Me (mp3) by The Golden Filter
The Golden Filter‘s new album is out on April 26 via Brille.

6. Jennifer Hills (mp3) by Day of the Woman
The Day of the Woman album should be out later this year on Exponential.

7. Order Of The Golden Dawn (mp3) by Daedelus
Righteous Fists Of Harmony in out on March 22nd via Brainfeeder.

8. Heavy Pockets (mp3) by Brenmar
Props to Pukekos for this one.

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should think about installing the DownThemAll! Firefox extension.

Soundcloud Mix

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