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So, as of this here post no mysterious benefactor has emerged to finance a last minute jaunt down to Austin. Hence, I am not going to SXSW. I already went through Part 1 of the Unofficial SXSW 2010 Showcasing Artists torrent, you can see the results of that… here. Here is a selection of mp3s from bands featured in Part 2. This time I was able to whittle down the list to 28 songs. Some of these tracks will probably be familiar to you, while others not so much. Listen.


The Numbers Song (mp3) by Acid Girls

Transparent (mp3) by Awesome Color

Upside Down (mp3) by Banjo Or Freakout

Black Thorn Rising (mp3) by Bastard Child Death Cult

You Can Listen You Can Talk (mp3) by Carsick Cars

NO CAR NO BLOWJOB (mp3) by The Chinese Stars

Stare At Wheel (mp3) by Dios

Hot Cakes (mp3) by El Ten Eleven

Daisy (mp3) by Fang Island

Generator 2nd Floor (mp3) by Freelance Whales

Girl Pop Soda (mp3) by Gay Witch Abortion

Aves (mp3) by Gifts From Enola

k Rhythm Party 1 (mp3) by Holy Fuck

Koopa Boss Mode (mp3) by Lazer Sword

Your Friend Wil (mp3) by MC Frontalot

Bicycle (mp3) by Memory Tapes

smoke in your disguise (mp3) by New Roman Times

So Many Mike (mp3) by Peelander-Z

Suicide Cat (mp3) by Pong

Cinco (mp3) by The Ruby Suns

this is what celine dion would sound like if she had a dick (mp3) by Shitty Carwash

Street Trash (mp3) by TOBACCO

Confidence and Progress (mp3) by Tone

Ginger (mp3) by Twin Sister

Shadow Pups (mp3) by Videohippos

Conjirin’ (mp3) by When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Hitman (mp3) by Woodgrain

Sooner or Later (mp3) by ZAZA

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should think about installing the DownThemAll! Firefox extension or try the Flash Got Firefox extension.

Not going to SXSW

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