Friday Night Vids :: Pollination + Shark? + Beck’s Record Club + MORE

There is reportedly a new Pollination album coming soon, but this track here is from last year’s free EP, Inca Orange. This is (obvs) trippy stuff as remixed by Stenographer.

Streamable: Some Sun (Stenographer Edit) (vimeo) by Pollination

Downloadable: Some Sun (Stenographer Edit) (mp3)

This is the first video from Shark? This looks like it must have been a lot of fun to shoot (though probably not as much fun as the NIKOO video). Also, it has Nunchaku!

Streamable: I’ve Got Friends (vimeo) by Shark?

Downloadable: I’ve Got Friends (mp3) (Grab the whole free EP @ Bandcamp)

Ok, Beck covering INXS with dudes from Liars & Os Mutantes plus St. Vincent. Hell Yes!

Streamable: Guns In The Sky (INXS Cover) (vimeo) by Beck’s Record Club

props to G vs B

The dudes in Titus want a new New Jersey.

Streamable: A More Perfect Union (youtube) by Titus Andronicus

NIKOO + Slo-mo Pillow Fights + Facepaint… need I say more? Has anyone created a Fuck Yeah Dutch Indie Rock tumblog? Just wondering.

Streamable: Cow (youtube) by NIKOO

Downloadable: Cow (mp3)

This right here is my favorite Record Store Day promo yet.

Streamable: Josh Homme Explains Records Store Day (youtube)

props to Spinner

This has been another…

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