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So, we here at GIMME TINNITUS world headquarters are very excited for a full length album by Buke And Gass. The duo of Aron Sanchez and Arone Dyer play highly customized instruments to create a truly unique audio experience. Their sound has been described as “The Loudest Miniature Fuzz.” To hear a much more expansive and weird description of the Buke And Gass sound, listen to the following Radiolab shorts podcast:

Downloadable: The Loudest Miniature Fuzz (wnyc mp3)

And if you want to know what all that hookworm talk is about, listen to THIS (if fact you should probably listen to it anyway).

Side Note: You may remember Sanchez as the former Proton Proton “gassist” (check out the bonus mp3 below if you do not).

Sanchez and Dyer are getting ready to self-release their first full length album, and have released the following ditty in anticipation. Listen.

Downloadable: Medulla Oblongata (mp3)

Hopefully, we will get some more information about the album soon (title, artwork, any innovative packaging deets, etc).

Upcoming Show:
May 15 @ Glasslands w/ Talk Normal, Asa Ransom, Miniboone

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BONUS: Line Out (mp3) by Proton Proton

Buke And Gass by Grant Cornett

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