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Recently, I have been digging this Shigeto remix of Brian Lindgren a/k/a Mux Mool. Thought I would share. Listen.

Downloadable: Morning Strut (Shigeto‘s wakenbake edit) (mp3)

Oh and did I mention that Mux Mool has a new album called Skulltaste. It looks like this:

And it sounds like this:
Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom (mp3)
Lady Linda (mp3)

Plus, you can stream the whole thing below. You can even listen to the song SFW Porn at work.


You can purchase Skulltaste @ Ghostly. Furthermore, you can (and should) download Mux Mool‘s Viking Funeral EP for free over @ Ghostly.

Upcoming Shows: Mux Mool is currently touring the middle section of the USA. Check Myspace for the dates.

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BONUS: Night Court (mp3)

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