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In case you missed it on IMPOSE, you should totally download the following new DINOWALRUS track which finds the band in shoegaze-lite mode.

Downloadable: Actually (mp3)

Hey Philly and D.C. peoples, Dinowalrus is headed down your way with real soon, this weekend in fact. They are playing Friday, June 18 @ Danger Danger Gallery in Philly, and Saturday June 19 @ Everlasting Life in D.C.. Also on this mini-tour are the drum and electronics freaks Aa, who sound like this.

Downloadable: Mossy (mp3)

And D.C. weirdos HUME will playing both shows. Sometimes, they sound like this.

Downloadable: Presents The Phat Daughter String Quartet (mp3)

You can grab the excellent Dinowalrus long player, % @ The Kanine Shop.

Upcoming NYC Shows:
June 20 @ Cameo Gallery w/ Calves, Telenovelas, Photon Dynamo And The Shiny Pieces

June 25 @ Cameo Gallery DJ set at Kanine Insound Northside Party

July 8 @ Glasslands w/ Deleted Scenes, HUME, Family Trees

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Cage Those Pythons (Live on WVKR) (mp3)
Nuke Duke ‘Em (Mae Shi Remix) (mp3)

photo source: ted gordon

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