concert :: The Origami Vinyl LA Approved Show @ Bar Melody

While I was in LA this past weekend, I was able to check out some of the Origami Vinyl LA Approved Show @ Bar Melody. Here are some photos and mp3s…

First up is Future Ghost.

Listen: Scream White Noise (mp3)

This mp3 does not convey the heaviness that was Kissing Cousins.

Listen: Red Lamb (mp3)

Manhattan Murder Mystery showcased their earnest intensity.

Listen: Your Mother’s Neck (mp3)

Foot Village brought their spectacle to the lot behind Bar Melody.

Listen: Reggae War Zone (mp3)

I was kinda pissed I had to miss Signals (an offshoot of The Mae Shi).

Listen: Angst In My Pants (Sparks Cover) (mp3)

I also wanted to check out Dunes (featuring Kate Hall (ex-Mika Miko) and Stephanie Chan of Finally Punk);

Listen: Handle (mp3)

You can see a few more photos of the show (including Foot Village‘s blood splattered drums) over at GIMME Tumblr.

I should point out that Pity Party and Monstro were also on the bill.

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