friday night vids :: Foot Village + Signals + Dunes

Here is some footage from the time I finally got to see Foot Village perform live. There were a few brains melted that day. Also fingers were cut. Thanks to Smashing Chair for the video.

Streamable: Urination (Live @ Bar Meoldy) (vimeo) by Foot Village

You know that time I saw Foot Village? Well, it just so happens that I missed seeing Mae Shi offshoot Signals who played later that day. Needless to say, I was pissed. Anyway, grab their Supple Youth Mixtape… here.

Streamable: What Dreams (vimeo) by Signals

Also on the bill that night was post-Mika Miko band, Dunes. Props go to for pointing out this video.

Streamable: Handle (vimeo) by Dunes

Downloadable: Handle (mp3)

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Friday Night Vids

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