concerts :: Northsidefest 2010 Recap

So here is our barely edited look back at #northsidefest with tweets, pics, video, and mp3s…

[tweet] Fiiiinally picked up my #northsidefest baaaadge

[tweet] grabbing a taco at Loading Dock, then off to Public Assembly for the (rip) @poptarts showcase

[tweet] made it to the @poptarts showcase :: sampling the Harpoon IPA :: jammy jams being played by Les Vinyl of Staten Island


[tweet] Marie Stella rocking the backroon at Public Assembly :: think everyone in this room is a blogger

[look] Marie Stella

[listen] Jealous Powers (mp3) by Marie Stella

[tweet] I guess I would classify Marie Stella as AMAZEBALLS, but I’m just not sure I should be using that adjective

[tweet] just witnessed my first icing, feel dirty

[tweet] RT @PopTarts: Marie Stella & @shrkquestionmrk destroying @publicassembly right now!

[tweet] RT @amcalderon: Is it a shark? shark? shark? shark? shark? shark? @shrkquestionmrk

[yfrog] Shark?

[listen] Shark? (mp3) by Shark?

[tweet] @shrkquestionmrk slayed :: these mini Colt 45s sure are cute :: Sundelles setting up

[tweet] sundelles cranking the jangle up

[look] The Sundelles

[listen] Dead Youth (mp3) by The Sundelles

[tweet] if you are missing The Sundelles, I feel bad for you… seriously

[tweet] Video: here is a vid of The Sundelles playing the @PopTarts showcase at @publicassembly on the 2nd night of…

[tweet] @miniboone setting up at the @poptarts showcase; miss the front room // back room switch up

[tweet] @miniboone slaying w/ heavy pop goodness :: Bryan Adams refs???

[look] MiniBoone

[listen] Devil in Your Eyes (mp3) by MiniBoone

[tweet] RT @spigotZ: MiniBoone have an alarming amount of raging energy. Makes for one hell of a live show.

[look] The Manic Energy of MiniBoone

[tweet] dinosaur feathers starting up w/ tooooo much bass

[look] An Inverted Solarize of Dinosaur Feathers

[listen] Vendela Vida (mp3) by Dinosaur Feathers

[tweet] dinosaur feathers playing “young butts” just for you

[tweet] the @PopTarts showcase at @PublicAssembly killed/slayed/some other violent verb in the past tense last night

[tweet] Photoset: here are some shots of Marie Stella, @sundelles, @miniboone, and @dinosaurfeather from the @PopTarts

[tweet] checking out @miniboone (again), then to glasslands for @true_womanhood

[listen] Magic Child (mp3) by True Womanhood

[tweet] Ava Luna R&B’ing over at Spike Hill

[look] Ava Luna

[listen] Four Five (I Will Survive) (mp3) by Ava Luna

[tweet] RT @chocolatebobka: Pizza all gone. No Demons Here setting up. WOOM. Arches. Dana Jewell. Big Troubles. Andrew Cedermark. Ducktails @sheastadiumbk

[tweet] made it to Shea Stadium :: no A/C + slightly cool beer + Pavement on the sound system

[look] Shea Stadium

[listen] Gold Soundz (mp3) by Pavement

[tweet] ARCHES playing some s p a c e y dream pop

[tweet] ARCHES jammmm

[twitpic] Arches

#northsidefest :: ARCHES jammmm on Twitpic

[tweet] made it to DEATH BY AUDIO

[twitpic] Total Slacker

#northsidefest :: made it to DEATH BY AUDIO on Twitpic

[tweet] “sometimes people suck” based on a true story :: digging the Total Slacker stage banter :: even got some video

[watch] Total Slacker video coming soon…

[listen] Crystal Necklace (mp3) by Total Slacker

[tweet] FYI Total Slacker have a new 7″ coming out on @IMPOSE sometime soon

[tweet] Photo: Total Slacker at @deathbyaudio #northsidefest

[tweet] @MissFrankieRose gettin ready :: please note her band is not called Frankie & The Oats

[look] Frankie Rose and the Outs

[listen] Must Be Nice (Live @ Monster Island Basement) (mp3) by Frankie Rose and the Outs (hat tip: nyctaper)

[tweet] Thee Only One!

[twitpic] Frankie Rose and the Outs

#northsidefest :: Thee Only One!  on Twitpic

[tweet] Photo: @MissFrankieRose And The Outs at @deathbyaudio #northsidefest

[watch] Frankie Rose and the Outs playing the IMPOSE NorthsideFest showcase (Live @ Death By Audio 6/26/10)

[tweet] Memory Tapes have the best visuals at northsidefest so far; they look like something from blipfest

[look] Memory Tapes

[listen] Easy Pert Mom (mp3) by Memory Tapes

[tweet] Photoset: some shots from Day 3 of #northsidefest w/ @missfrankierose Ava Luna @MemoryTapes Total Slacker

[tweet] Slowly making my way back to Wburg for more #northsidefest

[tweet] made it to Bar Matchless for the end of the @batteringroom‘s showcase :: @shrkquestionmrk setting up

[tweet] @shrkquestionmrk have added a 7th show at Peach Frog, 9:15 tonight

[tweet] “I’m an Animal” by @shrkquestionmrk

[twitpic] Shark?

#northsidefest :: "I'm an Animal" by @shrkquestionmrk  on Twitpic

[listen] I’m an Animal (mp3) by Shark?

[tweet] checking out Coco66 for Gray Goods, then @BrooklynBowl for @HoorayForEarth + @keepaway4real

[listen] Francis (mp3) by Gray Goods

[listen] Surrounded By Your Friends (Twin Shadow Remix) (mp3) by Hooray For Earth

[listen] 100 (mp3) by Keepaway

[tweet] RT @freedubya: Pretty psyched @nyctaper jonas is in the house here @brooklynbowl. We’ll link up once they post audio.

[click] Keepaway: June 27, 2010 Brooklyn Bowl – FLAC and MP3 Downloads + Streaming Sample


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