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Aria Jalali a/k/a railacars sent us this atmospheric remix of one of his favorite songs from the new Paul A. Rosales LP, Wonderwheel I. Listen.

Downloadable: Changed Faster (railcars ‘machine heart’ remix) (mp3)

And for comparison purposes here is the original track.

Downloadable: Changed Faster (mp3)

If you have not done it already, make sure you check out a killer Rosales song we posted earlier this month… here.

Ordering info for Wonderwheel I is conveniently summarized… here.

Oh, and here is a recent demo from railcars upcoming full length album, which was previously posted… here.

Downloadable: Sink No Ships (Demo) (mp3)

Also “down the pipeline” for railcars is his cover album of kate bush’s Hounds of Love as well as “a zany drone side project called ‘gypsy treasures'”.

You should probably also grab railcars’ rmx album featuring No Age, Lucky Dragons, Jeans Wilder, Xiu Xiu, White Rainbow, and Truman Peyotehere.

If you are someone who enjoys buying round physical objects that are embedded with music in their grooves, then you should probably buy some vinyl from Stumparumperhere.

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railcars by katie tilford x paul a rosales

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