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So Antimagic‘s album, Trash Symmetry came out way back in October of 2009. That doesn’t mean you should not run to their bandcamp page and buy it right now. The band taps a similar yet slightly less chaotic vein as other practitioners of the art of Anti-Magic. This track clocks in at Shellac-ian 8 minutes and 36 seconds. Listen.

Downloadable: Never Learn Not To Run (mp3)

You can (and let’s face it, should) purchase Trash Symmetry @ the Antimagic bandcamp.

The band also has a newish live tape called Live Trash. Stream it below:

Streamable: Live Trash (bandcamp)

<a href="">Trash Nautilus by Antimagic</a>

Upcoming NYC Show:
Sept 10 @ Don Pedro w/ THE PSYCHED

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Trash Symmetry by Antimagic

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