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The Corin Tucker Band features Ms. Corin Tucker of the indefinitely hiatused Sleater-Kinney, as well as Seth Lorinczi of Golden Bears and Sara Lund formerly of Unwound. Their yet-to-be-released album is entitled 1,000 Years. This track is reportedly more rocking than the rest of the album, so get excited but don’t expect the rest to this heavy, ok? Listen.

Downloadable: Doubt (mp3) (source: LHB)

In other Sleater-Kinney news, Carrie is putting the Monitor Mix blog on hold while she works on Portlandia for IFC, and Janet is still a Jick and their collab with Beck should come out next year sometime.

Oh and 1,000 Years is scheduled to hit stores on October 5th, so there isn’t really any preorderage just yet, but the album does have a Buy Olympia item number so it should not be too long. The KRS store is here.

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1000 Years by The Corin Tucker Band

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