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The full length remix-heavy self-titled album by Day of the Woman which fuses the sounds of Yppah (Joe Corrales) and Pollination (Nick Noeding) and Stenographer (Dave Salinas), will see official free release on September 21st via the Exponential label. That said, I should point out that the album has already been uploaded to the Exponential Bandcamp page. You can stream the whole album right now using the widget below, or download the whole thing by clicking on the widget’s download link. All that is required for download is an email address. Listen.

Streamable: Day of the Woman (bandcamp)

The band creates instrumental music that mixes post-rock guitar, electronic beats and shoegazey noise. The tunes are psychedelic in effect. The album includes remixes from each member of the project as well as Mexicans with Guns (previously posted here), Ape School, Landing, and Zoon van Snook. This here is the Ape School remix. It kills. Listen.

Downloadable: I’d Be Insane To Say It (Ape School Remix) (mp3)

And for comparison purposes here is the original track.

Downloadable: I’d Be Insane To Say It (mp3)

And, this is a non-album remix I noticed over at Soundcloud which features the craziness of Pouff.

Downloadable: Amazing Things (Pouff Remix) (mp3)

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Day of the Woman is on Exponential

Day of the Woman

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