friday night vids :: SOARS + BTTFTR + Teengirl Fantasy + Sisters + Dead Gaze + The Books

For your streaming pleasure, here is the latest Friday Night Vids

This video was directed by Jamie Harley who mashed up a SOARS track with clips from the 1960 Japanese horror film Jigoku. You can purchase SOARS‘ self-titled debut LP @ the La Société Expéditionnaire store.

Streamable: Throw Yourself Apart (vimeo) by SOARS

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Downloadable: Throw Yourself Apart (mp3)

Rand Sevilla, aka DJ Marijuana Weed, made a music video for this Back To The Future The Ride song. The song will be available for free on BTTFTR‘s C&D-bait Tron Legacy coming out on Dec 7th. I have included a different song from said album that made it’s way onto the information superhighway.

Streamable: CGI Fridays (vimeo) by Back To The Future The Ride

Downloadable: Full Moon on an Empty Planet (mp3)

This “visual dub” by Ivy Meadows is based on footage from Teengirl Fantasy‘s set @ Governors Island on September 11th, 2010. You can buy the 7AM album @ the True Panther store.

Streamable: Koi Pond (Ivy Meadows Visual Dub) (vimeo) by Teengirl Fantasy


Here is Sisters‘ first video from their new album Ghost Fits. You can purchase the LP @ Insound.

Streamable: Highway Scratch (youtube) by Sisters

Downloadable: Highway Scratch (mp3)

This recording is part of the weekly show, Studio Sessions, hosted by Colin Ilgen as part of Newtown Radio‘s unofficial CMJ Fest. The next chance you have to see Dead Gaze play live is at Glasslands on November 12th. The tape with this song on it is available @ the Clandestine Records Bigcartel shop.

Streamable: This Big World (Newtown Radio Session) (vimeo) by Dead Gaze.

Downloadable: This Big World (mp3)

This video from The Books was directed by Nick Zammuto. It’s from their recent album The Way Out, which is available for purchase @ The Books official web presence. And did I mention that they will be playing Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall on November 13?

Streamable: I Didn’t Know That (youtube) by The Books

Downloadable: I Didn’t Know That (mp3)

Friday Night Vids

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