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Zach Hill has been drumming since 1995 with among others Hella, Holy Smokes, Nervous Cop, Team Sleep, Wavves, Goon Moon, Marnie Stern, Crime in Choir, Bygones, CHLL PLL, and Flössin. On his second solo metal/noise/prog/punk/shred effort, Hill is working with Devendra Banhart, Guillermo Scott Herren (a/k/a Prefuse 73), No Age, Deerhoof, and umm… Hella. The album is called Face Tat. Listen.

Downloadable: The Primitives Talk (mp3)

Streamable: The Primitives Talk (youtube)

You can also stream the whole album via the Bandcamp widget below.

Streamable: Face Tat (bandcamp)

According to Hill:

I have friends with facial tattoos who are some of the most positive people I know, and have friends & family without facial tattoos that have taken their own lives within this past year. I found that idea very interesting and metaphorical on many levels — whether true or not — and began using my personal thoughts on this as a muse/concept that could be applied to many different contexts.

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Face Tat by Zach Hill

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