mp3s :: The End of the Year Dump 2010

So, it turns out I neglected a GIMME TINNITUS Tradition. I didn’t post my End of the Year Dump. Here is all the stuff I meant to get to last year but for some reason or another just didn’t get around to, sorry y’all. But you know what? It makes for a pretty awesome mixtape. Listen.


  1. resolution of one (mp3) by guards
    (d/l the GUARDS ep @ Bandcamp)
  2. Halcyon Days (mp3) by So Cow
    (d/l additional So Cow @ FMA)
  3. We Will Collide (mp3) by Bonus Eventus
  4. Hung Out (mp3) by Red Pens
  5. Illegal Criminal Crimes (Against The Law) (mp3) by Sirs
    (d/l additional Sirs @
  6. Bridges (mp3) by Drummers
  7. Lovewrecker (mp3) by T.A.R.T. (Dinowalrus Pete‘s hair metal side proj)
  8. Cross Tops (mp3) by The Octogon
    (d/l the free Arm Brain Heart and Liver EP @ Serious Business)
  9. Infinite Bear (mp3) by Neg-Fi
  10. White Light (mp3) by Ribbons and Bows
    (d/l Ribbons and Bows @ Bandcamp)
  11. Witch Hunting (mp3) by Whitesand/Badlands
  12. Wave Life (mp3) by Chrome Wings
    (d/ Time Patterns @ Mediafire)
  13. Kissing Collar (mp3) by Dream Boat
    (d/l some of Visions @ AMDISCS)
  14. One In the Sun (mp3) by Dreas
  15. Tashkent (mp3) by Collarbones
    (pay-what-you-want for Beaman Park @ Bandcamp)
  16. The Works (mp3) by Thin Numbers
  17. Burn Your Money! (mp3) by Mojo Nixon

Last Year’s Dump is here.

If you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers (or your local independent record store):

Insound | Amazon MP3 | eMusic | Other Music

Also, If you want to download all (or most of) the tracks in this post, you should probably think about installing the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions.

End of the Year Dump 2010

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