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Hunters mix their boy/girl vocals with classic NYC noiserock sounds. Reportedly, they got some true to life alterna-rock royalty to work on their recordings. We are talking about production by James Iha and mixing by Nick Zinner. But what does it sound like? Well, let me tell you, it rocks. Listen.

Downloadable: Deadbeat (mp3)

The band has a new split 7″ with Dead Wife that comes out on February 6th via Swill Children. You can preorder the Hunters/Dead Wife Split 7″ @ Swill Children.

The 7″ looks like this:

Hunters/Dead Wife Split 7 Inch

The track above is also on Hunters‘ EP which you can also stream using the widget below.

You can pay-what-you-want for Hunters‘ EP @ Bandcamp.

Hunters have no listed shows coming up in NYC.

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BONUS: Do It (mp3)


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