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So, another Record Store Day come and gone. I made a few of purchases at Sound Fix and Permanent Records (and saw EULA play). I have to admit I was really not that motivated to gobble up RSD exclusives. I just bought a few albums that I knew I would want to listen to on vinyl (including one classic double LP). My purchases follow…


I also went and preordered a few albums via the interweb.

Plus, I obtained the new ANTIMAGIC single. Here is the b-side.

Listen: Inner Most Secret Shogun Heart (mp3)

(ordering info TK @

Shake Shake Shake Single by Antimagic

And, I acquired the new EULA CD. Here is the title track.

Listen: Maurice Narcisse (mp3)

(ordering info TK @

Maurice Narcisse by EULA

Truthfully though, when you love music, any day can turn into a “record store day.” So, go to your local independent record store. Clicking through mp3 aggregators and/or blogs is just not the same a flipping through stacks of LPs. Music can be more than zeros and ones, listening to a little vinyl will remind you of that fact.

However, if you really really do not feel like going to a record store you can of course order the above records by following the purchase links provided.

Record Store Day 2011

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