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Andrya of Talk Normal sent us these answers to our questions in this next installment of the q and also a series.

q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

a: The Tides of Manaunaun by Henry Cowell. He’s a piano man; early 20th century. It’s like an earthquake with the most rewarding melodies on top. Deep stuff.

Streamable: The Tides of Manaunaun (youtube)

q: What is your favorite beverage?

a: I love twig tea. It’s kinda like green tea but with twigs, not the leaves. This means there is way less caffeine and it almost has a nuttier taste. I like to steep it for at least 10 minutes so it gets almost black. Some folks call it kukicha. I call it tasty.

q: What is your favorite band to see live?

a: This is tough… Lower Dens? Although I am not sure if this is just because I treasure their tunes, which only enhances my perception of them as a ‘live’ act. I’d like to now reflect on a poignant ‘live’ experience… I once did sound for an ensemble with whom Steve Reich premiered a piece. Long story much shorter, he showed up only for the actual show and ended up directing the live mix. It was a wild ride. I was sweating bullets. That man is rock-n-roll.

Downloadable: Blue & Silver (mp3) by Lower Dens

Streamable: Clapping Music (youtube) by Steve Reich (performed by GVSU New Music Ensemble)

q: What is your favorite venue in NYC (if applicable)?

a: I feel like show locations are not necessarily about established venues, but rather promoters and what particular bands they decided to string together for that night. But ‘venue’ specific, I like Death By Audio, 285 Kent, Secret Project Robot and Zebulon – all for different and various reasons.

q: What piece(s) of culture are you really really excited about right now?

a: Kanye West.

Streamable: Power (youtube)

q: Anything we should know about your latest project (whatever that might be)?

a: Talk Normal is my latest. And yes sir, we have much new to report:

Transmission Lost (from album Sugarland)!
Directed by Pastor Alvarado. Shot @ various shows in 2010.

M’lady Records 7″ single June 2011
Fast Weapons 7″ split w/ Thurston Moore out 2011


NEW WEBSITE IS IMMINENT! www.talknormaltalknormal.com

Hurricane (mp3)
Hot Song (mp3)
In A Strangeland (mp3)
Backwards Beach (Talk Normal Remix) by WOOM

Talk Normal

Streamable: Secret Cog (bandcamp)

You can purchase Talk Normal’s Quick Words split 7″ w/ Christy&Emily @ klangbad.de

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Christy&Emily+Talk Normal - Quick Words - 7 Inch Split

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