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As you should already know, the postmathrock outfit know as Hella is presently comprised of just two founding members, Zach Hill and Spencer Seim. The duo is set to release its latest album, Tripper via the Sargent House label on August 30th. Here is the 2nd brain-melting track the band has dropped pre-release.


Downloadable: Yubacore (mp3)

You can preorder Tripper in various formats over @

And here is a shot of Hella engaging in everyone’s favorite meme (well, except Xzibit), planking.

Hella Planking

Oh, and here is what the band looks like in non-plank form:


Hopefully, the band will play some shows in the NYC area in the not-too-distant future.

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BONUS: Headless (f/k/a Untitled) (mp3)

Tripper by Hella

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