mp3s :: The GIMME TINNITUS CMJ2011 Mixtape

It’s almost CMJ time, so here’s a mix featuring just a few of the bands that are playing (official and unofficial) shows during this year’s CMJ.


  1. Melting (mp3) by Hunters
  2. Moneybags (mp3) by Mr. Dream
  3. Constant Future (mp3) by Parts & Labor
  4. In A Strangeland (mp3) by Talk Normal
  5. Clips (mp3) by Ava Luna
  6. Hazel (mp3) by Weekend
  7. Pizza Pasta (mp3) by Night Manager
  8. Nerds (mp3) by Pterodactyl
  9. I Was So Bored I Wanted To Hang Myself On The Dancefloor (mp3) by Double Dagger
  10. Keep Time (mp3) by Gauntlet Hair
  11. Skateboard Bulldog (mp3) by Radical Dads
  12. It’s Leaking (mp3) by Life Size Maps
  13. Lemon Tree (mp3) by Mister Melt
  14. This Town Doesn’t Have Enough Bars For Both Of Us (mp3) by Gospel Music
  15. Perfect (mp3) by Fort Lean
  16. Los Angeles Guitar Dream (mp3) by Spanish Prisoners
  17. Fire To The Ground [ft. Matt Berninger] (mp3) by The Forms
  18. Corvalis (mp3) by DIVE
  19. Bedroom Drum (mp3) by Amen Dunes
  20. In Circles (mp3) by Woodsman
  21. Distance Creator (mp3) by ZAZA
  22. 1CHRD (mp3) by Headless Horseman
  23. Leaving is a Feeling (mp3) by Kohwi
  24. Lawn Knives (mp3) by Born Gold

Editor’s Note: The first five songs from this mix will be featured on‘s playlist during the music and technology smartloungue event happening on October 19th and 20th.

You can browse the official CMJ showcase list @ and you should probably also check out the unofficial showlist @

And here is a short list (in no particular) of just a few awesome shows we are looking forward to next week:

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CMJ2011 Mix

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