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Perhaps you remember NYC’s own Mister Melt from our CMJ Mixtape last year?

They are a boy, a girl, a guitar, a bass, a drum machine, and lots of reverb. And, now they have an album’s worth of songs recorded and they are giving them away to you for FREE.


Downloadable: Godzilla (mp3)

You can download the mp3s of Mister Melt @

Audiophiles with huge hard drives can grab the AIFFs here.

You can watch part of Mister Melt‘s Newtown Radio CMJ 2011 Showcase performance (w/ matching outfits!) at Shea Stadium below.

Streamable: Drive Your Car by Mister Melt (Live @ Shea Stadium) (youtube)

Upcoming Show:

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BONUS: Lemon Tree (mp3)

Mister Melt

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