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Cleveland’s own Cloud Nothings will be releasing their 2nd LP, Attack on Memory, on January 24th via the Carpark label. The album was recorded by Steve Albini at his own Electrical Audio Studios.

While Cloud Nothing-in-chief Dylan Baldi was creating Attack on Memory, he writes… “I more or less memorized every guitar solo on the best Thin Lizzy albums, listened to only The Wipers for about 3 weeks, and fell asleep to Black Sabbath every night.” The LP is reportedly an attempt by Baldi to close the chapter on writing “catchy pop”. You can listen to a mix of songs that influenced Attack on Memory over at the Carpark Soundcloud.

Here is the 2nd track from Attack on Memory to hit the internets. It showed up on Rolling Stone earlier this week.


Downloadable: Stay Useless (mp3)

The album looks like this:

Attack on Memory by Cloud Nothings

You can preorder Attack on Memory @

Upcoming NYC Show:

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Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings by Angel Ceballos
(photo by Angel Ceballos)

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