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Perhaps you saw it here or here or here? Grails has a new unrock side project called Lilacs & Champagne which is set to release a self-titled LP via Mexican Summer on January 31st. Lilacs & Champagne create sound-pieces that draw from underground rap, spaghetti-western soundtracks, dub, techno, hip-hop, tape-collage and 1970′s film-soundtracks. What does it sound like? Well, why not stream a track using the soundcloud widget below.


Streamable: Everywhere, Everyone (soundcloud)

And here is the music video.


Streamable: Everywhere, Everyone (youtube)

Lilacs & Champagne are planning on releasing three additional videos for songs from their the LP, so make sure you keep an eye out for those.

You can preorder Lilacs & Champagne @ or

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Lilacs & Champagne are on Mexican Summer
Lilacs & Champagne are on Insound

Lilacs & Champagne

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