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So, Mr. Dream has a new EP called Fatherland. The band released the following statement regarding the new album:

what can we say? it’s a fucking ep. six songs we wrote and recorded. the end.

take two.

fatherland is about an amusement park for fathers.

Fatherland is set to be released on February 28th via the band’s own GOD MODE Records (run by drummer Nick Sylvester). Here is one of the songs from Fatherland that hit the internet earlier this week. This track evolved from a song about hating TVs in bars into a critique of Middle American culture.


Downloadable: What A Mess (mp3)

Mr. Dream will be touring these United States with Cloud Nothings this March. Tour details @

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BONUS: The Room (mp3)

Fatherland by Mr Dream photo cred Stacey Warnke

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