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Perhaps you saw them yesterday on Pitchfork or Stereogum? Well, GT favs YVETTE are releasing two blasts of their no-wavey noise rock in 7″ form via GOD MODE Records (which is run by Mr. Dream‘s drummer Nick Sylvester). The Erosion 7″ was recorded by Sylvester and Matt LeMay (more about LeMay @ This is the first non-Mr. Dream release on GOD MODE. The digital version comes out on Valentine’s Day and a limited vinyl release will follow on March 27th. Now, Sylvester says that YVETTE creates “music that, maybe on another planet, is its own kind of pop.” What do you think? Here is the non-title track.


Downloadable: Cold Sweat (mp3)

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BONUS: With Fangs (mp3)

Erosion 7 Inch by YVETTE

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