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Al Lover has a new digital maxi-single, Ballin’ Chains and B Movies that will be available for free download until this Sunday via On this offering, Al Lover blends B movie soundtracks from the 60’s and 70’s, Wu-Tang Clan beats, Bay Area psychedelic rawk, and sugar cubes of acid into a chop suey of hip hop. The single features The Haters, a new aspect to the Al Lover experience that adds the live guitars of Mike G and Mark Pantoja (from Mist Giant) to the mix. Here is track one.


Downloadable: Ballin’ Chains (mp3)

You can download the whole of the Ballin’ Chains and B Movies maxi-single @ (good until 3/25/12).

While you are at it, you should probably download Al Lover‘s sequel to his Satanic Tambourines EP. The free LP is called Heavy Hippies – Cheapdrugsfreelove. Get it @

Also, available on the Al Lover bandcamp is his Austin Psychfest Mixtape. Get that one @

Ed. Note: please note the The Haters featured in this post are not related to LA avant-garde noise rockers The Haters.

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BONUS: 3-D Cave Paintings (mp3)

Ballin' Chains and B Movies Maxi-Single by Al Lover

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