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So, have you dreampoppers been listening to the new Captured Tracks-released DIIV LP, Oshin? We hope so. But just in case you are all like “what’s a diiv?” we have compiled a few of the freely available tracks from DIIV. This right here is track number five off of Oshin.


Downloadable: How Long Have You Known? (mp3)

And while you are at it, why not watch the video?

Streamable: How Long Have You Known? (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This jangly track right here is available in streaming widget form via the Captured Tracks soundcloud.

Streamable: Doused (soundcloud)

You can purchase Oshin LP @ (or purchase the digital version through one of the store links below).

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Sometime (mp3)
Bambi Slaughter (mp3)

Please Note: DIIV was formerly known DIVE.

Oshin by DIIV

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