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GT’s favorite vocal loop artist ALASKAS has embarked on a new musical project that blurs the lines between hip-hop, doo-wop, electronics and noise. Dillon James Rego is Feelin’ Blue finds ALASKAS singing “ten forgotten doo-wop and teen pop rarities from the early sixties”.

A limited run cassette is now available for preorder (with immediate digital download). The cassette comes out on September 7th via the Prison Art label, and once it is sold out, the digital version will be available as a free download.

A cassette release party is being planned at Bohemian Grove in Brooklyn. More details TK.

This right here is the first single from the cassette.

Downloadable: Cheat Cheat (mp3)

You can stream and/or preorder Dillon James Rego is Feelin’ Blue @

And look here, it’s the music Video for “Cheat Cheat” produced by Joe Waine.

Streamable: Cheat Cheat (vimeo) (as seen)

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BONUS: Unshackled (USF Remix) (mp3)

Dillon James Rego is Feelin' Blue

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