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Boring Portals are an experimental rock ‘n’ roll band from Charleston, SC. They are featured on Side D of the upcoming 2 cassette compilation from Mirror Universe Tapes, Whatever It Is Your Doing Now. The nearly 100 minutes long, 19 song compilation showcases MU‘s “roots in South Carolina’s independent music scene and our friends from all over the world.” It will feature “ethereal drones, undiluted rock and roll, and just plain aural garbage.” This here is the Boring Portals track.


Streamable: No Go (soundcloud)

You can preorder the Whatever It Is Your Doing Now compilation @ About 60 copies will be available via mailorder, and make sure you check out the rest of the MU catalogue if you want to do a combo deal. The first batch of 150 will be printed on two dark blue cassettes with silver printing. Tapes should ship around mid-March. Additional copies will be available at upcoming Mirror Universe events (see below for the one in NYC) and from some of the bands featured.

Here is the tracklisting for the compilation:

Side A
1. Headsets – My Brother and the Ghost of Ho Chi Minh
2. Southern Femisphere – Transgander (When the Community Went Looking for the Lost Gayzling in the Wood)
3. Hip Young Gunslingers – Red Red Sea
4. Lady Condor – Warrior Sisters
5. Mr. Jenkins – Late Shift At Peripheral Zoo (You, too?)

Side B
1. Noveller – This Is Our Ascent
2. M. Sage – Rain Scanner
3. Meadowlands – Dreams of Jaipur जयपुर के सपने
4. Headaches – Constant Concern

Side C
1. The Slasher Film Festival Strategy – Cosmic Burial
2. Lust For Youth – Spring
3. Pariah Carey – Smile From The Grave 4U
4. Xander Harris – Blessing for the Sick
5. Tapeworms – America Endless?

Side D
1. HEADCASE – Good Stride
2. Boring Portals – No Go
3. Lame Drivers – Universe Osmosis
4. SuR – Marfa Lights
5. Foot Village – Clubtraxxx I-III

Upcoming NYC Show:

NOTE: There will be limited edition tapes made for the show featuring all four bands.

Awesome Southern Femisphere/Boring Portals Flyer

And, you can pay-what-you-want for the not really an album, Never Slow by Boring Portals @

Boring Portals is on Bandcamp
Boring Portals is on Facebook
Boring Portals is on Soundcloud
Boring Portals is on Mirror Universe

BONUS: Masturbation Lexicon (mp3)

Whatever it it You're Doing Now Compilation by Mirror Universe featuring Boring Portals

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