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Last week, Glue Moon released the cassette of College Clash from tripped out São Paulo-based “wrong dance music” artist Babe, Terror a/k/a Claudio Szynkier.

Glue Moon says:

College Clash is a tribute to college basketball, telling a story of secret college meetings and sports battles in a forest camp. bringing the school spirit to a new height of creepiness with voices of phantoms from the bob cousy holy camp. soundtrack to the lonliest frat house party that you’ve only visited in dreams. gospel noise loops disintegrate into a sea of mesmerizing eeriness.

In other words, College Clash is headphones music.


Downloadable: Perdizes Camp Seniors (mp3)

You can order the College Clash cassette @

The digital version of College Clash is available @

The cassette insert looks something like this:

College Clash by Babe, Terror

Hey, and why not watch the video while you are at it?

Streamable: Perdizes Camp Seniors (youtube)

And as you are still reading this post, you should probably stream this track from Babe, Terror‘s new EP as BTU (Babe, Terror + the mysterious producer known as U). You can read about how BTU started working together @

Streamable: Swordbeerfish (soundcloud)

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babe, terror - in COLLEGE CLASH, each track has its own universe of images

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