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OK ok, it is time for the fifth “best of” GT feature for 2018. This is Volume Five of the Best of 2018. Here are 20 more songs from 2018 for your consideration. Don’t confuse this with actual “year end” coverage. This is just the last periodic update of great stuff from 2018. The year end stuff happens at the end of the year and this year is not over yet. Enjoy.

Reset by Dead Tenants

Purchase: LPII

Cruel Fog by Exit Group

Purchase: Adverse Habitat

Green Apple by Guerilla Toss

Purchase: Twisted Crystal

Qi Velocity by Peel Dream Magazine

Purchase: Modern Meta Physic

Fatechase Maravich by Babe, Terror

Purchase: Fadechase Marathon

pure scientific intelligence (quantum) (prod. scallops hotel) by milo

Purchase: budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies

Dettol by Armand Hammer

Purchase: Paraffin

can i receive the contact? by the spirit of the beehive

Purchase: Hypnic Jerks

Laughing Sound by MARBLED EYE

Purchase: Leisure

Deli Run by Ava Luna

Purchase: Moon 2

California by Human People

Purchase: Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears

Montana Gin by Chaser

Purchase: S/T

Phone Call by Collate

Purchase: Liminal Concerns

Light Speed by Magic Potion

Purchase: Endless Graffiti

Fed Up by Gouge Away

Purchase: Burnt Sugar

Foundation by Public Practice

Purchase: Distance is a Mirror

Halcyon by Windhand

Purchase: Eternal Return

Dan Goldberg Goes to Ralph’s Deli by Katrina Stonehart

Purchase: Here Is Everywhere

Haru by didi

Purchase: like memory foam

IDEAL by Pigeon

Purchase: BUG
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