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“Let’s start with clarity, and reassurance: The Flag is not another Black Flag reunion band.”

– Nick Sylvester, GODMODE Records

The Flag is Ted McGrath (formerly of Antimagic and These Are Powers). More specifically, The Flag is the experimental rock project of Ted McGrath, who takes ideas both pop and NOT pop and blends them together in a swirl of distorted vocals, electronics, guitar, live drums, and drum machine. GT favs GODMODE dropped The Flag‘s new cassingle on Tuesday. The A-Side is this headnodinducing propulsive jam.


Streamable: Alpha 60 Punch Out (soundcloud)

The Alpha 60 Punch Out b/w Neighbors cassingle will be available @ sometime soon.

AND, you can stream the B-Side, Neighbors @

The Flag @ Silent Barn

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BONUS: Bad Blood (mp3)

alpha 60 punch out by the flag

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