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Bar Harbor, ME’s Coke Weed is not to be confused with Lawrence, KS’s Coke Weed X. This is not postrock, this is stoned-out psych rock with girl/boy vocals and dual electric guitars (yes, plz). The band is getting ready to self-release their 3rd long player on July 23rd. The album is entitled Back To Soft, and this is the first single.


Downloadable: Sunseekers (mp3)

You can buy all thing Coke Weed @ their webstore (including this snazzy Ringo Tee).

Streamable: Sunseekers (youtube)

If you like, why not check out “Blue Flag” @

Upcoming NYC Show:

EDITOR’S NOTE: You should probably also take some time to listen to Coke Weed X, just saying.

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(Free Album) BONUS: Coke Weed Volume One ( zip)

back to soft by coke weed

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