friday night vids :: No Age + Krill + MiniBoone + Sole + Weird Womb + Spaceships + The Can’t Tells

For your streaming pleasure, here is the next installment of Friday Night Vids for the year numbered 2013.

Streamable: An Impression (youtube) by No Age

Downloadable: An Impression (mp3)
Streamable: Theme From Krill (youtube) by Krill

Streamable: I Could I Could (vimeo) by MiniBoone

Streamable: Fallujah/The Military Entertainment Complex (youtube) by Sole (as seen)

Streamable: Pale Piss (youtube) by Weird Womb (as seen)

Downloadable: Pale Piss (mp3)
Streamable: Ghost (vimeo) by Spaceships

Streamable: Drugstore (youtube) by The Can’t Tells (as seen)

If you like what you see/hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers or your local independent record store or better yet buy directly from the band next time you go out to a show:

Insound | eMusic | Other Music

You can always watch more (live) music video @ the GIMMETINNITUSTUBE Channel and the GIMME TINNITUS Vimeo.

Friday Night Vids

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