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Shark? have reached their crowdsourced fundraising goal to put out their new LP, Savior. The new album is set to be released on October 1st via Old Flame Records. (As previously reported) Savior was recorded in a musty basement of a church in Coney Island with some help from the good folks at Gravesend Recordings a/k/a Julian and Carlos of Ava Luna. This here is the 2nd single.


Downloadable: AOK (radio-friendly unit shifting single version) (mp3)

While the single ends at 4:44, the album version includes an killer 5 minute long feedback-filled breakdown that ends the album.


Downloadable: AOK (“5 minutes of feedback” album version) (mp3)

You can preorder Savior @

Upcoming NYC Show:

Shark? has a q and also a.

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BONUS: California Grrls (mp3)

You may recognize the Romney heads on the cover art from the California Girls video.

AOK by Shark?

(also available: pulsating GIF version)

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