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This here is the latest GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time internet radio show.


Downloadable: GTRT 08-04-13 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)

The Playlist:

  1. Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me by Monkeywrench
  2. Electric Arc by Oxford Collapse
  3. Little by Spaceships
  4. Drone by Heaven’s Gate
  5. sheltered by BLUFFING
  6. BODEGA RUN by Crying
  7. Purple Smile [Chopped and Scrooged] by TOONS
  8. Human Probe by Pop. 1280
  9. Creepyman by Yes, I’m Leaving
  10. Long As The Sun by Medicine
  11. Knives on Both Sides by Ex-Cult
  12. It #1 by Ty Segall
  13. Spit It Out by Butter The Children
  14. American by SPOOK HOUSES
  15. Black Rice (mp3) by Women
  16. I Am Bored by The Microphones
  17. Passer-By by Kam Kama
  18. Form by Hooray for Earth
  19. Human Nature by Gauntlet Hair
  20. Excursions by Shores
  21. To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge (mp3) by My Teenage Stride
  22. Panel Of Experts by Bent Shapes
  23. My Sword Hand’s Anger by Apostle Of Hustle
  24. Blue Lobsters (mp3) by Crown Larks
  25. Black and Studs (mp3) by Potty Mouth
  26. Kilometer (mp3) by Tempo No Tempo
  27. Fractured Skies (mp3) by Parts & Labor
  28. Flag Day by Aa
  29. Ultra by Disappears
  30. Full Stop (featuring NYTYLY) by Zula
  31. Cold Coffee by Jovontaes
  32. Brainfreeze by Fuck Buttons

The next show is on 8/18 @ 4PM EST.

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