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This here is the latest GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time internet radio show in which I play some tracks from some tapes I picked up at the NYC Cassette Fair + Show.

Shout outs to Mirror Universe, GODMODE, Fire Talk, Bleeding Gold, Hope For The Tape Deck, Bird Tapes, Crash Symbols, Grateful Bones, Tranquility Tapes, Magnetic South, and Sludge People. You should totally go buy some tapes from these good people using the power of the internet, ok?


Downloadable: GTRT 09-15-13 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)

The Playlist:

  1. Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me by Monkeywrench
  2. Seeing Red by Thee Tsunamis
  3. Must You Know (mp3) by Eleanor
  4. Jaws by Multicult
  5. Real Doll Repairs by bbigpigg
  6. What’s In My Head by FUZZ
  7. Meagan’s Cole Slaw (mp3) by Ugh God
  8. benzo by teen suicide
  9. Obvious Signs by Grape Soda
  10. Trash Vortex Woes by Rare High
  11. Tomorrow by Orca Orca
  12. Goodbye by Visuals
  13. Tidal by Turnip King
  14. Jeremy Irons Couple Skate by Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk
  15. Twin Loss by Zula
  16. In It by children of pop
  17. CANDY CULTS (ft Top Girls) (mp3) by MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE
  18. Nix by Dawn of Midi
  19. Thirteen Gold Coins by Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzales
  20. No More Dystopias by WHITENOISE
  21. Void Ripper by Infinity Shred
  22. Blood Donor (mp3) by Horse Head
  23. Night Light (What A Time) (mp3) by scarrXscarr
  24. Tyro by Vintage Moon
  25. Buffy by Dream Shake
  26. Living the Dream by SPOOK HOUSES
  27. Karate John #1 (mp3) by One Watt Sun
  28. Home by Furrow
  29. Deep Sky (mp3) by Wild Eyes
  30. Military by Stillsuit
  31. Barbarian Boy by Lightning Bolt
  32. To Attempt Openness by The Body
  33. Monsanto (mp3) by True Neutral Crew
  34. Release by Yvette
  35. Annalisa (P.I.L. Cover) by Sleepies

The next show is on 9/29 @ 4PM EST.

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