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This here is the latest GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time internet radio show in which I have some technical difficulties but still manage to play some music. I have word that the internet connection problems have been fixed at Newtown Radio HQ, so the next show should be (pretty much) glitch free!


GTRT 11-10-13 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time pt. 1 (mp3)
GTRT 11-10-13 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time pt. 2 (mp3)

The Playlist:

  1. Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me by Monkeywrench
  2. Lizard Queen (mp3) by Quilty
  3. I Don’t Wanna Be Learned/I Don’t Wanna Be Tamed (Demo) by The Ramones
  4. Underground by Reading Rainbow
  5. Annette’s Got the Hits by Redd Kross
  6. More Cigarettes by The Replacements
  7. Petrified by Roomrunner
  8. Chromatic Death by S.O.D.
  9. How About Tomorrow by Sauna Heat
  10. Carpultunia by Sleepies
  11. Crystal Gypsy by Sebadoh
  12. ohhhh my bounce by Shark?
  13. The Guy Who Invented Fire by Shellac
  14. Camouflage by Skull Kontrol
  15. Pop Hit III (mp3) by The Soupcans
  16. Teenage Brain Drain by Spider Bags
  17. Staring At The Board by Spoon
  18. Average Rebel by Squirrel Bait
  19. Traps of Gold (mp3) by Stupid Future
  20. Speedqueen by Suicide
  21. Blending In (Government Issue Cover) by Superchunk
  22. Tyranny of the Desert (mp3) by Suspect
  23. Kill ‘Em With Kindness by Swearin’
  24. Acid and TV by Sweetbulbs
  25. Raiders (mp3) by Taco Leg
  26. Friends And Bands by Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
  27. Zig-Zag by Thee Headcoatees
  28. DROP-OUT by Times New Viking
  29. [Technical Difficulties]

  30. Stare Way by Total Control
  31. You Should Never Have Opened That Door by Ty Segall
  32. 4312 (mp3) by Tyvek
  33. Kill. Kill. Kill. NYC by Unnatural Helpers
  34. Soft White Watts by USF
  35. Diamond Ring by Warm Soda
  36. Dilno by Wax Idols
  37. Misfit by Wipers
  38. It’s So Obvious by Wire
  39. 4×4 by Wives
  40. Gak Attack (mp3) by Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands
  41. Sharkbait by Sauna Heat
  42. Honey Goes by Wet Illustrated
  43. Honey Run (mp3) by Teardrop Factory
  44. Cigarette by Monomyth
  45. Pink Gorilla by White Fence
  46. Cumulus – Sondag by Al Lover
  47. Glossolalia by DeadCAT
  48. Stoner by Mirror Travel
  49. Greetings From the Bottom (mp3) by Bunny’s A Swine
  50. Loose by Butter The Children
  51. Very Very Librarian by Grooms
  52. Knock On My Door by Androgynous Mind
  53. Humillated & Insulted by Beach Arabs
  54. Ain’t you a Fed ?? (mp3) by Perfect Hair Forever
  55. Still Separated II by Deformities
  56. Sockets by FINS
  57. Say No by Priests
  58. Neighbors by The Flag
  59. The Body You Want by Clean Girls
  60. slowpoke (mp3) by Designer

The next show is on 11/24 @ 4PM EST.

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