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NYC’s leading purveyors of “nerdcoreBIG UPS are getting ready to put out their new LP, Eighteen Hours of Static. Originally set to be released last year, the current release date is coming right up, January 13th. Said release is being co-handled by the good folks at Dead Labour and Tough Love.

If you are familiar with BIG UPS you know their songwriting has gone both deep and dark on this new LP and it sounds awesome (thanks in part to mastering done by Sarah Register of Talk Normal).


Streamable: Wool (bandcamp)

Eighteen Hours of Static is available for preorder @

UPDATE: You can now stream the whole of Eighteen Hours of Static using this handy soundcloud widget.

(as seen)

Upcoming NYC Shows:

Then BIG UPS are set to tour the UK. Tourdates available at their bandcamp.

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BONUS: Goes Black (mp3)

Eighteen Hours of Static by Big Ups

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