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Do you like noise rock? Sure, we all do.

Well, Boston’s DESIGNER and Brooklyn’s bbigpigg have come together to release a SPLITT CASSETTE via the classily-named Bufu Records. The cassette is only available right now at shows (and they played DBA the other night, derp). But don’t worry, you can hear to the whole thing using this handy bandcamp widget.


Streamable: SPLITT CASSETTE (bandcamp)

And you can download the digital of SPLITT CASSETTE for free @

Maybe the cassette will be available @ in the future?

DESIGNER have a series of singles available under a pay-what-you-want pricing scheme @

You can d/l bbigpigg‘s 5 song Phantom Photography for free @

bbigpigg recently recorded a session for Serious Business on BTRtv. More on that TK.

DESIGNER and bbigpigg are finishing up their NE tour. Maybe they are playing near you tonight? (ummm, Pittsburgh)

DESIGNER is on Bandcamp
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DESIGNER is on Hype Machine
DESIGNER is on Bufu Records

bbigpigg is on the internet
bbigpigg is on Facebook
bbigpigg is on Twitter
bbigpigg is on Soundcloud
bbigpigg is on Hype Machine

deer point (DESIGNER) (mp3)
taurus (bbigpigg) (mp3)

bbigpigg at cake shop

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