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Flagland of Brooklyn is Kerry Kallberg (vocals + guitar), Dan Francia (bass + vocals), and Nick Dooley (drums). They are getting ready to release their third LP of “panic rock” on the always excellent Father/Daughter Records. The 20 track LP, Love Hard, was recorded and mixed by the band sporadically in fits and starts, and then mastered by engineer Paul Gold (The War on Drugs, Double Dagger, Tyvek, etc.). Love Hard drops on February 25th and it sounds like this.


Downloadable: Comfortable Life (mp3) (as seen)

You can preorder Love Hard @ (Vinyl, CD, Digital).

Oh and here’s the Love Hard tracklisting:

  2. Searchers
  3. Swingin
  4. Happiness
  5. Waste of Paper
  6. Not a Joke
  7. Straight White Male
  8. Comfortable Life
  9. Monster
  10. Proud
  11. Shitsucksrightnow
  12. Sugarcube
  13. Time #3
  14. Yr GF
  15. Greed
  16. Let It Go
  17. Kerry
  18. It’s Your Time
  19. Unfinished Business
  20. Mosquito Bite

You can presently pay-what-you-what for their first two LPs, Danger Music/Party Music + Tireda Fightin @

Upcoming NYC Show:

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BONUS: My Apartment (mp3)

love hard by lagland

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