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Mayor Creep is a Brooklyn-based “slime punk” band featuring members of Dinosaur Feathers, We Run, Brother Reverend, Howth, and a rusting can of Ecto-Cooler they found floating in the Gowanus. Mayor Creep has a new split cassette with Hounds Basket entitled KRANGNITAS. Now if you are wondering “what is slime punk”? You just need to download the track below to find out.


Downloadable: Scot With One T (mp3)

The digital of the Mayor Creep side is free @

Here is the KRANGNITAS track listing:

1. Bike Lane – MAYOR CREEP
2. Scot With One T – MAYOR CREEP
4. Remember When – HOUNDS BASKET

Mayor Creep just recently had a release party for the cassette w/ Hounds Basket. Keep an eye out for more Mayor Creep shows in the near future, and buy the cassette at the merch table, ok?

Mayor Creep is on Bandcamp
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Mayor Creep

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