show :: 6/9/14 @ Silent Barn > Freecare ~ Parlor Walls ~ Kappa Chow ~ Vomitface

What the fuck are you doing on Monday night? I know. You are coming to Silent Barn. For the noise and comedy of Freecare, the industrial spa of Parlor Walls, the Canadian-style punk as fuck of Kappa Chow, and the sludgepop of Vomitface. Need I say anything more?

Monday. June 9th. Silent Barn. Mark yr calendar.



Vomitface (Jersey City, NJ)

Kappa Chow (Montreal, CA)

Parlor Walls (mem EULA + x-Shark?)


June 9th @ Silent Barn

603 Bushwick Ave

8PM $7
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MP3 BONUS: New Brunswick (mp3) by Freecare


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