show :: 2/17/15 @ Silent Barn > Gymshorts ~ Great Western Plain ~ Advertising ~ Nonsense

On February 17 join us at The Silent Barn for the punk rawk of GYMSHORTS, the krauty postpunk of Great Western Plain, the mathy punk of Advertising and the stripped down punk noise of Nonsense. It’s a fucking punk rainbow of sounds for your earholes. Oh, and DJ TJ Richards (of Trabajo) will be melting your brain between sets with some tripped out global sounds. Ok? Good.

February 17. Mark yr Calendars.

You can preview the show below with some handy widgets (well, except Nonsense, but I think I may have some footage of them playing at Neverlands. Finna upload it).



Great Western Plain (ME)



(no streams yet, ok?)

DJ TJ Richards

fb page:

Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Avenue
$7 ~ 8PM ~ All Ages

Owed to the Bank (mp3) by GYMSHORTS
Thom (mp3) by Great Western Plain

Note: DJ TJ Richards a/k/a DJ Dimishing Traces a/k/a DJTJackson had a guest post on GIMME TINNITUS

Here is a flyer:


(h/t to wikimedia)

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