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Ambient punk artist Walter Gross made this DIY cassette/art package entitled GENRE post-tour right after his first month in Berlin. The package is super limited supply and includes immediate download and a one hour bonus mix. Once the cassette/art packages are sold out the music will be available for free download.

Watch the video for Fade To Facts.

Here are the lyrics:

Fade to facts, lets get terrified, you’re a paradise.
Racing towards the wall we’re gonna crawl away unscathed.
Fade to facts don’t be paranoid you can escape.
Fade to facts don’t be paranoid there is a place.
Remember who you are, what you lost you can have it back.
Remember who you are what you saw you can have it all.
We survive mostly in name.
We comply, comply until we’re same.
Turn the page. You’re Made.
Let’s get terrified you’re a paradise.

Stream the rest of GENRE below.

Purchase the cassette/art package @

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The art in the art package looks like this:

walter gross art package

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