premiere :: CHUD > …Out of the Sewers

You know C.H.U.D., right??

(Spoiler: Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers)

Well, I am here to talk about a different CHUD (not this CHUD or that CHUD or even this CHUD). The CHUD I am talking about is a hardcore punk band from NYC.

They are:

Vocals – Big Chris
Bass – Dan
Guitar – Jason
Drums – Ryan


Just what type of music would a cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller make? The answer is on a tape that is being released by Serenity Now Tapes tomorrow and we are super psyched/chuffed to premiere it (sort of) for you now.


You can preorder the tape or digital right now @

Plus, if you are in or around NYC, come out to Aviv tomorrow night for the release show w/ Haram, Convulsant and motherfucking STINGER!!

Oh and buy a tape while you are there. They look like this:

chud tapes stamped

CHUD is on Bandcamp
CHUD is on Serenity Now Tapes

Serenity Now Tapes is on the internet
Serenity Now Tapes is on Facebook
Serenity Now Tapes is on Twitter
Serenity Now Tapes is on Soundcloud


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