best of 2016 :: 67 Favorite Albums

And now the albums (whether long playing or extended playing) that really did it for me this year. Take a listen, then GO BUY the albums you love. Support artists making amazing music. Art allows you to transcend this shitty reality. Do it.

The albums presented here are listed in alphabetical order from Aa to Y(ucky Duster).


Aa — ZebrAa

Aesop Rock — The Impossible Kid

Amygdala — Population Control

Bent Shapes — Wolves of Want

Big Ups — Before A Million Universes

the body — No One Deserves Happiness

Botany — Deepak Verbera

Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes — s/t

Clean Girls & Jail Solidarity — Split Tape

clipping. — Splendor & Misery

(The Wriggle EP is also dope)
Christopher Tignor — Along a Vanishing Plane


Earring — Tunn Star

Ernest Gonzales — Dreaming In Color

Ex-Cult — Negative Growth

Ghost Funk Orchestra — Death Waltz


Gland — Neurotica

Good Throb — s/t

Greys — Outer Heaven

(Greys also put out the excellent Warm Shadow as a companion piece to Outer Heaven)
Halfsour — Tuesday Night Live

(Halfsour also released the awesome Charm School this year)

Haybaby — Blood Harvest

Hellrazor — Satan Smile

Hidden Ritual — Always

Hit Bargain — s/t

Holy Tunics — Hot To Trot

Horse Jumper of Love — Ugly Brunette

IDES — Born to run in place

jackal onasis — Big Deal Party

Kal Marks — Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies

Kestrels — s/t

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds — La Araña Es La Vida

Landing — Complekt

(You should probably also check out Third Sight)
LAW$UITS — Mature Moods

Kindling — Everywhere Else

LITHICS — Borrowed Floors

Los Crudos — Doble LP Discografía

(Other great reissues this year include… Daisychain Reaction by Poster Children, Masculin Féminin by Blonde Redhead, and jeez like just about everything from Superior Viaduct)
Mannequin Pussy — Romantic

Mass Gothic — s/t

(ayyyy, Sup Goth?)
The Meltaways — s/t tape

(The Meltaways also put out a killer s/t 7″ this year)
Multicult — Position Remote

nine of swords — you will never die

Open Mike Eagle & Paul White — Hella Personal Film Festival

Parlor Walls — CUT

Parquet Courts — Human Performance

Patio — Luxury


peaer — s/t

Pill — Convenience


Pop. 1280 — Paradise

(Pop 1280 also put out the killer Pulse EP this year)
Post Pink — I Believe You, OK

Puff Pieces — Bland in D.C.

Rats Mouth — Grouch and the Brainstorm

RITUAL HUMOR — In the Forests of the Night

Run The Jewels – RTJ3

Shop Talk — s/t

Sleepies — Natural Selection

Spray Paint — Feel the Clamps

Sunwatchers — s/t

Teen Body — Get Home Safe

Thee Oh Sees — A Weird Exits

(A companion LP to A Weird Exits, An Odd Entrances, came out this fall)
TOYOMU — 印象III : なんとなく、パブロ (Imagining “The Life of Pablo”)

Useless Eaters — Relaxing Death

Video Daughters — s/t

Vomitface — Hooray For Me

Washer — Here Comes Washer

Yucky Duster – s/t

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